Humidity / Air Velocity
Pocket 3 in 1 Mini Hygrometer
Air Velocity Transmitter for HVAC Applications
Air Velocity Transmitter Range upto 75 MPS
All round Telent
Instrument memory for up to 10,000 measurement values
iaq probe, Lux probe and comfort probe
Wireless probs for temperature and humidity
large Area Vane Anemometer
Flow Direction Recognition
temperature, Flow velocity and Volume Flow Measurement
Max / Min Values
Reference humidity Measuring instrument
Probs for Measurning the Process and Indoor air humidity
Calculation for all Parameters of the psychrometric
Reference Class Humidity Instrument with inbuilt Memory & P.C. Interface
High Accuracy Air Velocity & Temprature Transmitter
max / min values
hold button to freeze the reading
Auto off function
Humidity Measurement Stick
Humidity Sensor, insesetive & condansation
Clip for Breast Pocket
Standard Humidit Measurement transmitter
Application climate in production and storage
Relibility and Long-term Stability with testo humidy sensor