Light Meter with Location Management and Averaging
Non Contect and Mechanical Technometer
Waterproff Pocketsize pH Tester
Total Dissoloved Solid (TDS) Tester
Sound Level Measurning Instrument
Easy to Adjust
Max./ Min. Memories
Bargrapf Diosplay
Ac / Dc Output
Monitoring Trace humidity
Application compressed air dryers
Housing Rotatable bu 350degree C for positioning
Analog Output 4 to 20 mA
Compressed Air Counter
Application Saving operating Costs
By detecting leakage menu for all parameterization
Sound Level Meter
Pocket Technometer
Compact Conductivity Measuring Instrument
I/P Converter
RPM Measuring Instrument
Storage of mean/Min./Max. values last reading
Battery check "Low Batt"
Rebust Design With Softcase (Protective cover)
testo Stationary probes
Application Air conditioning, Process technology, Machine engineering etc.
Wide Selection of Standerd temperature Probs
Complete With cable, plug-in Connection and Screws