Bimetallic Thermometer
Gas Filled Thermometer
Intelligent HART Compatible 2 Wire in Head Mounting
Mini infrered Thermometer for temp. upto 400c
Fully SS Thermometer with Capillar
Nominal Size : 100/125/150/200/250mm
Wetted Parts : AISi SS 316
Range : upto 650c
Type : Filled Stem
Filling Fluid : Dry / Liquid Filled
Differential Thermometer
Two Channel Measurning Instrument with optional Wireless Probe
Display of Differential Temperature
Top Safe, Instrument Protection
Temperature Data loggers
Temperature recording upto 16,000 Measurement values
Data Transfer to a PC or Notebook by Plug-in interface
Software for DAta Evaluation and Parametr
Dial Thermometer with Electric Contect
Industrial Glass Thermometer
Low Cost Analog 2 Wire Transmitter DIN Rail Mounting
Temperature Sensor with Flameproof Head
Fully SS, Thermometer
Nominal Size : 63/80/100/125/150mm
Wetted Parts : AISI SS 316
Range : upto 600c
Type : BimetalSS
Infrared Thermometer
With Two Point Laser Measurement Point Marking
Possibility of Connecting an External Probe for Contact MEasurement